Kim Manufacturing has the facilities to handle the complete production of sheet metal products from cutting and bending to welding and powder coating.

Computer Controlled Turret Presses allow us to punch out virtually any shape required for your product. The Coma can hold up to 44 different tools and punch steel sheet up to 1/4" thickness with +/- 0.005" accuracy. It has a 50 Ton capacity and can hold a 50" x 72" sheet.


The Vipros turret press has all the capabilities of the Coma, but can hold up to 62 tools. It has a 50 Ton capacity and can hold a 50" x 78" sheet. It also has the ability to index tooling at any angle and form features such as countersinks, dimples and louvers.


Our press brakes allow us to bend steel sheet in a variety of configurations. This CNC press brake has a capacity of 135 Tons, an 8 ft bed and a 3-axis Hurco back gauge.
Note: Safety devices have been removed from the press brakes for these photos.

Press Brake

The CNC controlled ram and back gauge on each of our presses allows us to spend less time setting up and more time bending your parts. This CNC press brake has a capacity of 175 Tons, a 10 ft bed and a 5-axis autobend back gauge.

Press Brake

This CNC press brake has a capacity of 175 Tons, autocrowning, a 10 ft bed and a 7-axis back gauge.

Press Brake

Our press brakes have computer controlled rams and back gauges. This allows us to produce bends with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. We can also store information about each job to reduce setup times.

Press Brake Control

We have state of the art MIG and TIG welding equipment to assemble your parts with strong, precise joints. Our welding process is independently certified to AWS D1.1.


Our powder coating system starts with a six stage wash system which cleans the part surface and then phosphates it. The wash system is constantly monitored to ensure that all parts have a properly prepared surface.Then the parts pass through the powder booth, where up to three guns completely coat even the most complex geometry. We can apply a variety of different powder types and colors to meet all your requirements.

Paint Booth

After the parts are coated, they pass through the dry-off oven where the powder is cured into a tough, attractive finish. The parts are then unloaded and carefully packaged. Parts are thouroughly inspected for for any visual defects, gloss, film thickness and coating integrity.

Paint Unload

10 ft Hydraulic Shear allows us to cut up to 5/16 steel to any size needed.